Adventure at Echo Cave

Scene One
All characters begin at the human city of Ravenhold. They may frequent the shops and bars and such but recruitment posts from the Riders are posted everywhere they go.

By Order of the High King
All able-bodied heroes are voluntary summoned to prove your worth and join the ranks of the Riders. Enlistment will continue until further notice every midday.

Durning enlistment Captain Hightower ensembles our marry band and summons the party to a night of food and drink before tomorrow’s assignment.

The Captain has intelligence that a once renowned Magic User named Cyras as obtained control of a relatively peaceful Orc tribe and is working some dark magic at Echo Cave. The party is charged with investigating the situation, removing Cyras from power, and discovering what he is up to.

Scene Two
The group must travel south along Serpents Trail, past Echo Cave into the badlands (random wilderness encounters). They will then seek out the Clan of the Black Hand. The Orc tribe which is rumored to be controlled by Cyras. On the part of the trail near Echo Cave the party will encounter a small group of Orcs (4). If they fight, one will attempt to escape to warn Cyras. If the party elects to travel parallel to the trail, in the woods, this encounter can be avoided.

Scene Three
When they reach the clan grounds they are hopefully outnumbered and are forced to surrender and brought forth to the new clan leader Grog. The party must elect one champion from the party to face 3 Orcs in ritual combat without the aid of magic.

They drink with the chief and are told the story about Cyras.

“He came to us as an ally. Speaking of Medicine and schools. Shortly after we broke ground for a new hut he changed. He spoke of the old ways. How Orcs need to reclaim their past and do away with the evil of human intervention. Many of our tribe listened, some where taken, and most were bewitched. 50 of our brothers and sisters have been forced to join his army. Now they labor at Echo Cave looking for something. Something bad.”

They are given marks of the Black Hand. A mystical tattoo placed on the collarbone. Once a fellow Orcs sees this, they will not attack, and will consider the character an ally. This only works for Orcs where the spell is broken. The chief also gives them Welling Root. A horrible smelling weed that will reverse the effects of the curse should the Orc in question breath the smoke. He also warns that this would be very bad for non Orcs and may result in death.

The party is rejected and they most go into Echo Cave without information.

Scene Four

Adventure at Echo Cave

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