Over 300 years ago, through the will of Xandor the Dark, a secret society of Orcus worshiper’s sought to bring forth their master. They numbered in the thousands and came very close to their dark goal. In the end however, they failed. An allegiance between races was formed and the Riders of the Burning Crusade were born. The Riders defeated the army of rising Death Knights and Orcus worshipers but not without penalty. The Burning Planes, the battle ground for the war, was left void of all life and is now a place where only the soulless dare venture. Many of the Riders fell at that great battle and their remains still lay upon the Burning Plains. The final blow of victory was struck when all 5 of the artifacts required to perform the ritual where captured by the Riders. They tried to destroy the tokens and many died in the attempt but in the end they hid them and kept the secret to themselves.

After the war the Alliance constructed a great wall which we now call the Black Gate. To keep the evil at bay they created 3 strong holds to keep an eye on the Black Gate and raise the alarm should the threat ever return. The Human city of Terrisly, the Dwarven city of Illiangard, and the Elvin city of Wistfal Watch have been home to thousands over these many years but the Riders are all but forgotten.

Now only a few remain. The artifacts, of great and terrible power, have been lost. Their evil will corrupting their possessors to a sole purpose; complete the summoning of Orcus. With the artifacts lose on the land, Riders numbers at an all time low, and the air of evil on the rise, the three races of the Alliance are calling forth would be heroes to stay the oncoming threat, restore the artifacts to hiding, and return the Dragon Riders of the Burning Crusade to their full glory.


Dragon Riders of the Burning Crusade

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